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Welcome to Apollo Hotels' paradise

Take a moment to sense what has true meaning. The glorious sun, the glistening sea and everything else that makes a holiday simply heavenly. Our fantastic beach setting awaits to fill your soul with visuals and experiences you will never forget.

Let us show you a heavenly place.

Feel the bliss that comes by being close to the timeless elements that have been touched by Apollo; the Ancient Greek god of harmony, music and the sun itself, is apparent everywhere.

Apollo Hotels offer guests exuberance of spirit. It is in the air you breathe. It is in the nature that surrounds, in the endless Aegean blue, in the sophistication of the architecture and design and in the warm hospitality. Rest assured, Apollo Hotels are meant to be your personal holiday paradise.

Our beachfront hotels in Rhodes are set directly on an enchanting sandy beach of crystal clear waters and nested in green landscapes comprising stunning seascapes, as well as providing a wide range of facilities, services and excellent gastronomy.

They are conveniently located on the east coast of the island, making them the ideal base to explore Rhodes. They are just 14 km from the city center and the Medieval City, a UNESCO world Heritage site and 35 km from the picturesque village of Lindos.

Apollo Hotels have received many international awards by guests, tourism organizations and tour operators for the quality of their services and their commitment to environmental protection.

Apollo Hotels Sustainability Policy

APOLLO Hotels are committed to the adoption at all efficient measures aiming at the protection and sustainable management of the natural environment wherein we operate.


Fully aware of the impact that the operation of our Hotels are bound to have on the Environment, the Management has made, since 2012, top priority objective to minimize the environmental footprint of the Hotels as well as the environmental impact of the various partners, suppliers and contractors,  directly connected to our activities.


By joining forces, we may all contribute to securing a clean and safe Environment as well as ensuring that Environmental issues remain high on the agenda, taken quite seriously into account as of the adoption of any decision and the launching of any action.


  • Our aim is to:


  • Fully conform with National and European legislation


  • Ensure that all members of our staff as well as each of our Executives have been assigned specific tasks aimed at protecting the environment and securing biodiversity


  • Encourage our human resources to always operate in ways not impacting the environment


  • Continuously pursue and tangibly contribute to the effort of preserving natural resources by using Water and resources in an environmentally responsible way whilst offering top quality services that meet the expectations of our clientele.


  • Prioritize our cooperation with local producers and suppliers


  • Assess our performance and set challenging tasks for our Environmental Performance, thereby achieving CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.


  • Get supplied with goods and services known to have the minimum possible impact on the Environment, privileging those benefiting from Eco-label certification, whenever possible.


  • Relentlessly strive to ensure the support of our clientele as well as making sure at all times that they are fully aware of our Environmental Policy and that they are actively contributing to its implementation.


  • Ensure that our partners and suppliers are conversant with our Environmental Policy as well as encouraging them to adopt similar policies towards reducing the environmental impact of their activities.


  • Carry out regular controls and reviews our activities and adopt corrective actions whenever discrepancies are detected from the original Environmental Objectives of our company.


  • Provide all kinds of support as well as the necessary training to our staff, so that they are in turn in a position to attain the objectives and live up to the policy of our company.

For its efforts our hotels have earned many environmental accolades and certifications, such as:

  • Travelife Gold Certification
  • ISO 22000 Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification


  • Implementation of food waste composting
  • Intensification of the recycling program, with the addition of more materials (Paper, plastic, metal, glass, cooking oils, batteries, lamps, electronic / electrical equipment, ink cartridges)
  • Application of strict cleaning regimes in order to effectively reduce the use of chemicals
  • Use of ecolabel-certified detergents in floor cleaning
  • Use of ecolabel certified paper materials (photocopy paper, toilet paper, hand towels)
  • Replacement of single use, disposable cups with ones made from reusable materials
  • Commencing the replacement of all lamp bulbs with new, lower consumption LEDs
  • Withdrawal of oil boiler and exclusive use of solar panels and heat pumps for water heating


  • Acquired the environmental management ecolabel (for Apollo Beach Hotel)


  • ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 certification
  • Acquired Travelife award (for Apollo Blue Hotel)
  • Participation in the Water Footprint program by Futuris & blueContec in collaboration with Thomas Cook


  • Implementation of towel reuse and linen change system upon customer’s request


  • Participation in the Waste Management program by Futuris


  • ISO 14001 certification
  • Completion of participation in the Waste Management program by Futuris


  • Acquired Travelife award (for Apollo Beach Hotel)
  • Installation of automatic watering system in our gardens
  • Completion of lamp bulb replacement with new, low consumption LEDs


  • Replacement of all single use, plastic items (straws, teaspoons etc) with paper, wooden or biodegradable alternatives.
  • Installation of a fully automated dosing and electronic monitoring system for washing machines (for further reduction of chemical use)

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